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Inside My Mind: New Year's

Posted by Caroline Garell on
Inside My Mind: New Year's

           I have no problem with celebration or even the holiday, New Year’s. I think where there stands confusion is in the mindset of in the new year and how it is going to supposedly be completely different from the closing year.

           To be completely frank, this whole celebration and concept of New Year’s surrounds time. Now, reflecting on past and upcoming time is beneficial in a multitude of ways: tracking progress/ accomplishments, identifying personal growth, highlighting places of improvement, and manifestation. The idea surrounding what people do with the new year is where I think it turns controversial. Why does there need to be a whole start of a new year for people to finally chase after their dreams, set goals for their life, become proactive on building character, and disarming negativity? If one were to really be tunneled in to how they value themselves along with their goals, there would not need to be a whole grand start to do so. It would be gradual and start right when the person sets their mind to that. It can be on January 1st or May 3rd. My idea is that change happens when one decides it does; it does not need to be on a calendar moderated by society’s clock, because it depends on each individual’s clock. Most likely, there is not going to be this huge, drastic alter in one’s life just because it switches to a new year on the calendar. What I am saying is that change starts in one and is not affected solely by the start of a new year.

           Needless to say, I am a big advocate for manifestation. I believe bringing goals and ideas to the forefront of our minds and speaking, writing or consistently thinking ideas and things into existence helps one move forward in making them a reality. However, it all draws back to the idea of time. Manifestation, goals, and dreams are all extremely positive things as to relating to the success and happiness of an individual, but when a person is controlled by time limits and societal milestones, it distorts the opportunity and nature of the drive. 


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