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The LGBTQ+ Faces of HUMAIN

Posted by Caroline Garell on
The LGBTQ+ Faces of HUMAIN
Produced at the start of 2020, “The LGBTQ+ Faces of HUMAIN” is HUMAIN the Brand’s latest campaign, championing members of the LGBTQ+ and giving them evident space within my brand. From here on out, my goal within the sustainable fashion industry is to display the diverse identities that contribute to the community that is HUMAIN. Despite the fact that prejudice continues to exist in many aspects of Western culture, my hope is use HUMAIN as a tool of acceptance e and validation. I am and always will be an ally by association and by choice. Even though I do not personally identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, friends and family around me have encouraged me to dynamically support this community. Personally, my relationship with my brother, who is gay, gives me insight into his experiences and allows me to connect with various members of the LGBTQ+ community. Through a contemporary studio photoshoot, four LGBTQ+ individuals openly illustrate both the prejudices they have faced and their journey towards acceptance. 
-Caroline Garell, Founder of HUMAIN the Brand™

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