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What Can YOU Do To Be More Sustainable?

Posted by Caroline Garell on
What Can YOU Do To Be More Sustainable?


On the consumer side, sustainability can be upheld, too. Most commonly, people resort to throwing their unwanted clothes out in the trash. Then, those clothes are taken to land mills. Now, the problem with that is that it pushes more methane emissions out, harming the surrounding communities.
Instead, consumers can do their part and rather donate or sell their clothes to second-hand stores for the clothing to be reused again, minimizing the methane emissions and trash buildup. As vintage fashion and sustainability are at a rise in society, why wouldn’t you want to participate in the cycling of clothes. However, while vintage clothing is at a high trend in modern times, I would not call sustainability a trend; more so, it is a movement. Donating clothes is a simple task that can minimize landfill and circulate the trophy of garments. And hey, gaining money off your unused clothing doesn’t hurt.


Here’s what you can do:

  • Donate to thrift shops

    • Goodwill

    • Salvation Army

    • Savers

  • Donate to ThredUp to receive money in return or gain Reformation credit

  • Sell your clothing that is in good shape to:

    • Buffalo Exchange

    • On Depop (online thrift shopping basically)

    • Crossroads


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