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HUMAIN the brand is not just one person; it is a body of people: mankind. The beauty of the individual is accented with the construction of the garment. The fashion industry this day and age is in need of nurture and care. For HUMAIN specifically, its garments are made out of recycled or eco-friendly textiles and fabrics, making HUMAIN a sustainable clothing brand. HUMAIN is here to display and maintain the mystique of the world and its people through its garments. HUMAIN is calling people to take into consideration the value and charisma of sustainable fashion; it is essential for communities to value the conservation of our planet and society in the modern and future eras and take into account what may be harming it. HUMAIN the brand is giving clothes and its people a second life.





The topic of sustainability in the fashion industry is reaching new heights. Now, brands, influencers, and even heads of multi-million dollar companies are growing to understand the importance of protecting the environment and the people in which live within it. Due to the high demand of products at cheeper prices and the invention of the assembly line, consumerism grew at a great deal…but with risks. Not only are detrimental chemicals used in the production of our garments, harming us, the environment, and the people who are making the clothes, the use of cheap labor results in inhumane working conditions factory workers globally. We take it as our responsibility to do our part in cleaning up the beauty of nature around us while still maintaining the allure of fashion.



HUMAIN is constructed of all recycled/ deadstock fabrics. Our sweatshirts in particular are all 52% recycled cotton & 48% recycled polyester. In the manufacturing of the sweatshirts, there is a focus on energy, water, and waste reduction. With our manufacturer, the dye machines save gallons of water and minimizes landfill. The production of the garments is entirely done within the U.S., spotlighting California. Only our tie-dye is taken care in New York, New York, with the rest of production in Los Angeles, California.


Moving on to the dying process of the garments, we use water-based ink that neither contains PVC nor phthalates. We also use fiber reactive dyes, which are low-impact dyes that use less chemicals and salt than traditional dyes do.


Due to being an e-commerce brand, HUMAIN minimizes the use of energy than what would traditional in-store retailers produce.


From the makeup of our garments to the hang tags, HUMAIN tries to implement the most eco-friendly option.


***Disclaimer: Since we do not have our own factory, we cannot implement 100% sustainable practices, such as LED lighting and wind power suppliers. We also are working on minimizing the use of recycled cotton and move towards pronounced eco-friendly options that are more reliable recycled fibers.